The Typical Asian Girl


I used to be the kind of student who HATES Math and Literature. I used to be the kind of student who would procrastinate everything until I got beaten up. I remember once in the 2nd Grade my family and I came back from the beach. I knew that I had homework to do and I just left it at that. But while I was watching “Frozen,” my mom came into the room waving a wooden stick. From that day on, I would spent hours and hours at my desk, not daring to leave my chair.

I used to be that student who called my Math tutor “Adolf Hitler” just because she would teach me for more than one hour of Math. I used to be the kind of student who would be happy when they got over 70 on a math test.  In fact, I wouldn’t worry too much if I got as low as a 40 on my math test. But that was the old me.

My name is Wine Wine. I’m fully Chinese even though my introduction starts with “Konichiwa.” I just happen to have lived in Myanmar my entire life because my ancestors came to Myanmar.

Let’s get to the point. I’m the oldest child in our family. I’m also very short. I’m sorry, but I tried to grow taller but couldn’t manage it so far. Who knows? Maybe I’ll grow taller someday. My university goal so far is to get into UCLA or UC Berkely. Yes, this may sound too overboard, but this is my goal.

When I was younger, I would be happy if I got a B on my report card. But now my goal throughout the whole school year is to try my best to be the “nerd” and get as many as A’s possible. I may sound like a “nerd,” but I want to try hard to make a good life for myself in the future. I want to look back thinking “it was worth it.”


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