A Glance at AKK JR.

Hello there. My name is AKK JR. You are just about to embark on a journey to peek inside my awesome life. Click on the Continue Reading button to begin.

I was born on the 11th of July. My zodiac sign is cancer and my birthstone is a ruby. I am currently the youngest among my classmates at the age of thirteen (Just the way I like it).

I have a younger sister named May (6th Grade.) Some people get surprised when they discover that we are related because I am the kind, modest, and awesome one while my sister is the serious, dark, and evil one. Maybe I am not totally being modest right now. My sister and I don’t get along at home since we usually don’t see eye to eye in situations.

My favorite colors are blue, yellow, teal, and orange. My favorite pastimes are watching TV, swimming, playing soccer, and editing my website with WIX.

It is my greatest desire to become an architect or a web designer in the future. I already have some blueprints that can help me achieve my goals! (Unless they are terribly inaccurate)

There you go… The awesome life of AKK Junior. Too short? HEY! I am offended! The life of AKK JR. is never too short!

Oh you meant the blog post is too short? Well… I decided not to divulge any more of my awesome secrets to you. Ciao!

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