(The Overview of Drew) One of A Kind

Yes sir, I am one of a kind… and if you want to take a dive into the depths of “AnDrew,” please continue reading.

SO… I am in my teen years and can represent my life in 3 words: IT IS AWESOME.

My birth-date is really unnecessary but I can tell you I am a Libra and currently in the eighth grade.

So moving on to my favorite things-

My favorite colors are

  • Orange
  • Purple
  • White
  • Yellow

So my favorite animal is a monkey since they are very fun and they do whatever they want…

Okay, since I am still a teenager, I like to skateboard, sail, play basketball, swim,  play hockey, dance, write poems, fashion or design, and watch drag racing.

My favorite numbers are 6 and 8 which I basically have on some of my sport shirts. I usually like to skate under Hledan Bridge and sail at the Yangon Sailing Club. To be honest, I think sailing is my most successful sport and is also challenging.

And Yes, I like to play all sorts of video games and read some manga comics (especially Dragon Ball).  My favorite movie series is Rocky…

My favorite singers are ( I think you noticed) Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, and G-Dragon.

If you want to know my favorite food, its spaghetti 😉 and my favorite fruit is an apple, since its a shaped like a heart and it’s sweet.

I like to read the books, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and Harry Potter.

So lets move on to the things I hate…

  • Being crammed in small places (claustrophobia)
  • The Dark
  • Sharks…
  • The Dentist
  • Elevators

This is the story of  my life… I hope you enjoyed… Please leave a like below… Always be the best you can be and believe in God.


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