You Don’t Want To Read This!


Photo credit: OK; Oattra Kyaw

I was told to write a paragraph introducing myself to the “readers.” Well, honestly, I have nothing to say… so prepare to be bored.

My name is Charming but my actual name is Khin Phone Kyaw. I prefer Charming. I was born on July 31st which makes me a Leo.

I studied at Yangon Academy for 8 years but am now studying at Thalun International School. My favorite subject would be science. We sometimes play games and do experiments but mostly we learn. I also like Art too. I take art lessons on Monday and Thursday. I have guitar lessons on the weekends.

My hobbies are simple; eating, sleeping, and watching TV.  I’m basically a couch potato.

My favorite colors are black and minty green.

I know, it’s getting boring already. Anyways, try to keep your eyes opened.

Unfortunately, I am not an only child. I have a brother in Grade 2 named Alex. If we fight, it’s always my fault. I have seven cousins, and they are all boys.

Sometimes, (most of the time) I get scolded because I want too many things. Then I just lose them immediately… Yes, I’m the clumsy type.

I’m gonna stop here now because its getting boring.


6 thoughts on “You Don’t Want To Read This!

  1. Hey Charming, this was NOT boring at all. Please don’t ever apologize for your writing or art. (Unless it truly is awful and was done in 2 minutes with no thought behind it. That would never happen, right?) Lovely photo as well. Thanks to OK and also to you for crediting her in the post.


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