Greetings from May

My full name is May Thu Kyaw but many would call me May and I prefer that name. I was born on the 20th of October, 2005, so this year in 2018, I am currently twelve.

I come from different nationalities and I am half Burmese and Chinese. Although I am Burmese and Chinese, my first language is English and I attend Thalun International School where I am improving my language skills.  I have not always attended this school because until I was in the fourth grade, I studied at YA, (abbreviation for Yangon Academy.)

I don’t have many special talents. I can swim but I am not a strong swimmer. I can draw well but am otherwise not very artistic. I can play piano but I am not a professional. I am fair at playing badminton but I am not the best player. All in all, I am still finding something that I am really good at, other than sleeping and watching TV.

My mother had enrolled me in different activities like swimming or piano, but I never found interest in any of them. I may not have any interest in sports, but I enjoy reading books.


Some of my most favorite books are The Neptune Project, One for the Murphys, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson. I particularly enjoy books involving adventure and action. I usually read when I am bored and have nothing to do, which is often.

I may have a big brother, AKK from eighth grade but we don’t talk much. He is a funny and smart brother but we don’t always get along. Unlike my brother who wants his career as an architect, I want to be a doctor, partly because I heard you make good money from it.

I have many things I want and like to do but there are also things I don’t like such as taking pictures. I get really uncomfortable when I take a picture of myself and I don’t take selfies at all. It sort of is part of the reason why I don’t want to take the “cheese” picture for this ICT class (no offense).


5 thoughts on “Greetings from May

  1. Hi May. This is a great post. Please remember you are not being forced to post a photo of yourself. You can also post an image of anything else that represents you (your initials, an animal, a landscape, a messy desk at home, etc.) It can be a photo you took yourself or a royalty free photo from one of the public domain sites we looked at in class. So you are welcome to put a different photo in. Cheers! -K

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