Daniel Kingston The Freeman


Ni Hao Ma? (Which means “hello” in Chinese.)

Although My name is Daniel Kingston, I have a Chinese name and Myanmar name because I was born in Shan State and I attended a Chinese school in China since I was 7 years old. I had been in China for almost 13 years…

The scenery of China is spectacular and gorgeous. I spent my whole childhood in China. However, the school I attended has more than 3500 students, not including the kindergarten kids and there were over 70 students in one class. So everyone had to work really hard to survive in this huge society because if some one gives up, he or she will have a hard time continuing to study.

Everybody was struggling with their work. China has to make students well behaved but if someone has bad behavior, he or she will receive a big punishment from the teacher. For example, I remembered a girl made a typo during a pop quiz, so she has to write 500 times the correct word. This is one of the strict punishments from the teacher. But because of the punishment, all the students never would write a word wrong again.

All the students have to work in unity. My teacher was a great teacher at all times, despite being strict. And because of her, there were a bunch of talented students in the class.

For the opportunity of learning English, I now attend the Thalun International School these last two years so I can get a better education.

I also have a younger sister who keeps annoying me all the time and I live with my family.

I have many strengths:

  • Speaking the Chinese language and understanding the literature.
  • Playing different types of sports.
  • Reading books and playing Rubik’s Cube.
  • Um… and I guess… QAQ

Actually, the name Daniel Kingston was not my English name yet until my friends tried to give me an English name. (*At first, they just called me “Thet”.) However, AKK, one of my friends has given me the name Daniel. And my old friend Seann (who was an old student in Thalun) gave me the name Kingston. I’m glad that I have an English name.


4 thoughts on “Daniel Kingston The Freeman

  1. Hi Daniel. This is interesting an well written. Please make sure to use an image that you took yourself or that comes from one of the royalty-free websites we went over in class. Thanks!


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