All About Matthew

My name Is Matthew Myint Mo Htoo and I am a student from Thalun International School. I was born on June 1st 2006 which means I am currently 11 years old.

I have three siblings including myself,  Andrew Nanda Htoo (8th grade), and Kristy Sandi Htoo (3rd grade). My dad is Patrick Wunna Htoo and my mom is Sophie Sandar.

Now for the things I like to do:

  • Go Sailing at Yangon Sailing Club
  • Go in-line skating under Hledan Bridge
  • Ride my bike at People’s Park
  • Go swimming at Kokine Swimming Club
  • Draw
  • Learn French
  • Play video games

The things I hate to do:

  • Color
  • get hurt
  • and (worst of all) dance

My biggest strength is sailing. I would say that because I have gone to Vietnam for a sailing race. I usually go sailing on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. We have sailing races on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30.

That was all about me and I hope you enjoyed it.images.

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