A SnEaK PeaK Of hIm. #jaMes is #lit

HEY! YOU! Stop reading about me! YOU sneaky person.

Well my name is James and blah blah blah and so on… I don’t want to make you bored but lets get into it! Seriously! I said stop reading, lol. Okay let’s just get started. Actually my full name is James Martin.


I ain’t like you

The sneak peek of James


I love sports and I like music.

I will start off with sport. The sports I like are: soccer, basketball, table tennis, swimming, and running (sometimes lol). I normally play soccer and basketball.

When I was a little boy I loved soccer more than anything else. At that time I wanted to become a soccer player like Lionel Messi. He was my hero when I was a little boy.  Now I still play soccer but my favorite sports list continues to increase.

I loved playing basketball as I got older. I normally play at school and I went to after school activities for basketball. I wouldn’t say I am a pro at basketball but I am good enough. But I am the best in my class for sure. hahaha.

I am starting to have a lot of interest in table tennis so I try to push myself to train so I can play well at it. I am one of those guys where when  there is something I want to do, I never stop until I succeed at it. I never give up on something I want to do.

Regarding running, I didn’t run that much when I was young and I never had an interest in it. But by the time I reached 12, I started to feel like I wanted to run. So at the age of 13, I run sometimes.

Now that I am 14 I should keep running because I never give up on something that I want to do. I mostly run outside of my house on the road in the morning when there is no one on the road. I run only for 20 or 25 minutes because I have school.

Well I am still on the way to success. I may or may not succeed, but I am not stopping. I will always try to push myself to the highest level. This what I do with the sports I like.

Let’s move on to music, shall we?
I want to share one of my experiences.
When I was around 10 years old, I saw my dad playing the guitar and I was like, “WOW… that is really awesome! I wish I knew how to play.”

So I asked my father how to play and he said that if I really wanted to learn, I must start with the basic chords. So he taught me the chord “D”. When I tried playing that chord, it way harder than I thought it would be. My hands were hurting and I could feel the pain, but since I was young I would never give up so I fought back the pain and tried harder again and again. I learned more chords, and now I know the basics. I am not a pro yet, but at least I can play a couple of songs.

I always loved singing since I was young because I was born into a family that sings a lot. My grandfather sings, my dad sings, and even my mom sometimes. What I am saying is that that music was everywhere around me and I enjoy it!

I normally only sing at home because I am afraid people might think it sucks. At the age of 11 and 12 I started to sing more at home.

At the age of 12 my voice was kind of high. Later at age 13, my voice changed and it was suddenly much better. Now, not only did my voice got better, but I can play guitar at the same time as singing which is pretty good.

However, I still think my voice is not good and I am really shy and afraid that other people might judge me. One day I also dream that I can produce songs as well.

These are the main facts about me.

One other things I like to do is play Rubik’s Cube during my free time. I have seen my science teacher Mr. Min, playing it and my friend, Jeff from 9th grade playing. I was really in love with it!

I asked Mr. Min to teach me and I learned it in just one day because I wouldn’t stop until I solved it. That night I stayed up until 11 pm just trying to solve it. I practiced again and again to decrease the duration of time it takes to solve. I don’t stop after achieving my goal. My current record is 31 seconds to solve a mixed Rubik’s Cube.


Love you all! #LIT #JAMES11

P.S. One more thing… I need grow taller, even though I play basketball. LOL!


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