I Am That Girl…

I am that girl who likes to travel, that girl who likes to be attached to music, and that girl who will laugh in serious moments. That girl’s name is Wahso Tun Tun.

That’s right! I am that girl.

I was born on August 4th, 2004 so basically I will be 14 this year. I’ve been living in Yangon my whole entire life. I have one older sister but, I’d prefer to have an older  brother who can take care of me and do my all homework.

Trust me, having a big sister means having a miserable life! Lol. I am just kidding!  Having a sister is great especially when you are bored and can tease her about boys.

I have one goal in life and that goal is to make my dream come true. I always wanted to go to Paris. I always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in real life.

Fun Facts about me

  • When I was young, my dream job was to become a clown and perform in front of people around the world.
  • I feel happy when I make someone laugh.
  • I think that listening to music helps us get away with stressful problems.
  • I am half Belieber and Army.
  • My biggest fear is drowning.
  • Favorite color is black
  • Favorite food=EVERYTHING!
  • I am addicted to quotesquotes

So this is the end of my blog post. Thank you for spending your time reading this. XD



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