Weird Little Me…


Hi. My name has the meaning of a kid or a newborn child. Yes you know what I mean, “Baby.” It’s weird but let’s continue shall we? ;). Wanna know more? Ignore my ugly face up there.


I am a 13 year-old girl that is also strangely tall. I will just tell you that I’m a Sagittarius  but I’m not going to tell people my birthday because it’s not necessary. (Sorry People!) I live in Yangon and am learning at Thalun International School. I have two wild siblings who are quite weird and nice at the same time.

These are things that I like doing:

  • Drawing/Manga 🙂
  • Running
  • Making someone smile 😉
  • Slime e~e
  • Playing MSP

These are things that I ‘HATE’:

  • Insulting someone
  • Playing instruments
  • Loud Noises
  • Doing Math Homework

A little bit more about myself…

My Favorite Colors:

  • Black
  • Green/Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Blue

My main goal is to be an Artist or an Actress. I like seeing people smile and just having fun with each other as much as my family. I love eating pasta a lot. Don’t judge me! ._.

I’m scared of the dark, being alone in a dark room, Dark Shadows, and bugs. I like making friends. My biggest dream is to have a kitten and a Husky/puppy.

Is it just me or am I the only one that hates math? I like playing MSP which stands for Movie Star Planet. It’s an online game that is for socializing with people and  discussing fashion. I always wanted to go to Paris/France to learn about art because I love their history and art style.

I enjoy running and I kind of notice that I’m energetic (maybe a lot ._.) I enjoy making new friends. I like teasing someone sometimes,  but not always though.


Thanks for reading this and…

The End!

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