Augustin’s Life!


My name is Augustin. I have one older sister (Angeline) and I go to Thalun International School. (TIS for short.) I am currently 11 years old.

I changed schools from Yangon Academy to Thalun about a year ago. I enjoy playing games. My hobbies are gaming, watching TV, and making stop-motion animations. I heard that we are going to do stop-motion animations at Thalun in ICT Computer Class next year so that’s exciting.

I  like to listen to music. My favorite artist is Chain Smokers. I also love to travel. One day, I wish to travel around the world. For example, I would like to go to France.

My favorite foods are pizza and vegetables. I eat vegetables everyday since they are healthy for you. However pizza is a junk food, made with cheese and other ingredients that are not healthy for you. Therefore, I eat it only once a month.

I also like some sports. They are:

-Kick Ball