I have No Creative Title


What’s up readers and fellow students? My name is Wai Yan. I’m 12 years old and in the 6th grade at Thalun International School. I live in Yangon. I’m fully Burmese. As you see in my title, I’m not so creative mainly because I’m not so good at art and music. My favorite things to do are reading and playing games. I like to travel as well.

I have a little sister in the 4th grade. I started school at Yangon Academy and I stayed there for three years. Back then my dad used to work in Thailand but now he has a new contract in Norway so I ended up moving there as well. It was really different from Myanmar and everything I knew about at that time. In Norway I became more connected to the world a whole lot more. My life was a lot different and thanks to that experience, my knowledge of the world around me has grown by a landslide.

After I lived there for three years, I came back to Myanmar. First I was supposed to go to Yangon Academy again. However, since my aunt now works at Thalun, I moved here instead. I have been in this school ever since it’s first day (in 2016) and that makes this my second year here. I like this school a lot mainly because it’s more peaceful and I know each student a lot better.

I don’t really have a special talent either. I consider myself to be okay or good at most things. I’d rather be okay at everything than be the best in the world at one thing. So this is me, Wai Yan.




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