Neal’s Life

My name is Neal. I have two brothers, Jeff and Tony. One is younger and one is older. Tony is in the 4th grade and Jeff is in the 9th grade. That doesn’t really matter, but that’s my life.

I go to a school called Thalun. It is a international school and it’s small. The school has been open for two years now. (2016-2018). I am a sixth grader.

I was first in my class at ISM which is a really big school. I had a lot of friends there. But I moved to Thalun because my family thought I’d get a better education here. I am a drummer in a band at a school called AOR. My partner who plays guitar is called Lin Thant. I also love sports.

I like to play…

  • Basket ball
  • Soccer
  • Table tennis
  • Hand ball
  • Rugby

But I hate these sports…

  • Badminton
  • Volley ball
  • Swimming

Things I like to do when I am alone…

  • Listen to music
  • Play drums
  • watch a movie or watch YouTube

My biggest goal is to one day get in a band and make money making music.


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