Hello. It’s Me!

tina p1

Hi guys! My name is Saung Thazin Tun. My nickname is  Tina. Some people call me Saung or Tina.  I was born on January 15, 2002 in Yangon, Myanmar. I am a 16 year-old girl.

I am a ninth grader from Thalun International school. My favorite sports are badminton, soccer and tennis. My favorite color  is black.  My favorite type of music is emo songs. My hobby is listening to music because I love it.

My bestfriends are Lamin, Elvis, Kyal Cin Thit , Anne, Sabrina and  Shinn Thant Maung. My friends are really kind to me. They share foods, help me a lot, and are nice to me.

My favorite subject is English. My favorite foods are pizza, fried rice, fries, and  KFC chicken. My favorite drinks are Shark and Coke. My favorite actor is Siddhartha Nigam. He is Indian. My favorite number is 5 because it’s my lucky number. I enjoy romantic movies and ghost movies because I am a teenager.

Things I like :

  • Music
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Taking selfies
  • Chatting with my friends
  • Travel
  • Playing Guitar
  • Writing Poems
  • Watching TV

See ya! Good luck guys…






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