The Burmese PYTHON!

This is a Burmese python, one of the many species of pythons in the world. The Burmese python is a python that lives in Burma. Its main prey are small deer, hogs, farm animals, and sometimes jaguars.

They live in rain forests and rarely harm humans. They are rare and a little endangered because humans want to keep them as pets and want their skin. The Burmese python is an invasive species. People brought them to America to keep as pets. But after the pythons got too big, people freed it in the Everglades National Park. The pythons ate the endangered species in there. Thats why t’hey are called an invasive species.

The average Burmese python is about 17 or 20 feet long. The longest python ever recorded is 29 feet long. The Burmese python is cold blooded so it needs to be in a warm and humid place. So, if you want to know more about the Burmese python, check out Nat Geo wild!


Illustrated by John Kaung Myat Htut

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