Life on the Streets


Digital illustration by Angeline Myat Phone Sint

Most people have dogs as their pets. Those types of dogs have a luxurious life. However, there are also many stray dogs on the streets.


People may or may not think about how hard life would be if they are living on streets. Animals like dogs are one of the most common type of animals you’ll see on the streets. It isn’t as simple as it seems. From what I’ve seen in my life, they have cuts and bruises all over their bodies, their paws are bloody, and with so many cars around, there are accidents that involve stray dogs.

Another awfully difficult thing is finding food. They eat out of the trash cans, things covered in dirt, etc.  They’re also known as carnivores, meaning they feed off of other animals or animal products. What’s worse is how there are still people who try to abuse them; animal cruelty. (

In scientific literature, street dogs are known as free-ranging urban dogs or urban free ranging dogs. Street dogs are usually found in cities that are developed with human populations. Street dogs are stray purebreds or mixed breed dogs and not selected breeding. Dogs are known as intelligence animals and are highly adaptive compared to other species. (

From what I’ve learned, overpopulation can cause problems to the neighborhood/ surroundings. Therefore, some people decide to kill and poison stray dogs.

My point here is, please don’t harm them. They are also trying to avoid trouble with human beings.

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