Nyan Htoo The Moon Bear

The following illustration below portrays Nyan Htoo, an Asiatic Black Bear or Moon Bear, who had just undergone the painful surgery of the removal of his three kilogram tongue last year.

Drawn by Sabrina Kyi Myat Noe Khin

Drawn by Sabrina Kyi Myat Noe Khin

He was rescued by a group of monks in Myanmar who halted his journey to China, where the bile from a bear’s gallbladder is used for traditional medicine.

The 2 year-old bear first was operated on in 2016 by a team of experts from the University of Edinburgh’s Royal School of Veterinary Studies. Although there were signs of quick recovery, the disease initially grew worse. The tongue extended and the vets resorted to a vigorous procedure. The poor bear had to drag his tongue around, sometimes having to lean his head against the bars of the cage to support the weight of it.

However, the latest operation succeeded, and Nyan Htoo is now living his life to the fullest here in Myanmar with the monks at their monastery.

Fortunate bears like Nyan Htoo are extremely lucky to be under the loving care of owners. But sadly, not all animals are spared from the harsh realities of animal trafficking. You can now donate to organizations that help such as Animal Charity Evaluaters.

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