The Burmese Elephant

I chose the Burmese elephant for more than one reason. -Three reasons to be exact!

  • Number 1.  I felt bad for the elephants when I saw them getting hit by a hammer on their backs in Chaung Tha.
  • Number 2. They are majestic creatures and the biggest mammal on Earth.
  • Number 3. I like the fact that they are the biggest mammal on Earth.


Anyway, let’s get to the facts:

Did you know that elephants can live more that 70 years? Well if you didn’t know, then now you know.

The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump. An elephant’s skin is more than an inch thick. Elephants purr to communicate. The trunk of the elephant has more than 40,000 muscles in it. Elephants have much better hearing that us humans. Elephants use their trunk as an snorkel when they swim. Elephants also have incredible memories. One of their stomps can crush a human skull!

At the bottom there is a picture of a baby elephant and a mother elephant traveling.

Where I found my information.(


Digital illustration by Aung Min Khant

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