A Pangolin’s Life

The pangolin is just one of many animals, but they are interesting and unique. If you want to learn more about them, please continue.



Digital Illustration by Matthew Myint Mo Htoo

The word pangolin comes from the Malay word pengguling which means “one who rolls up.” The pangolin’s tongue is extremely long just like the giant anteater or the tube-lipped nectar bat. The root of the tongue is located at the  thorax. They eat termites and ants with their tongue.

Pangolins can eat 140 to 200 g (4.9 to 7.1 oz) of insects per day. They have poor vision so they have to rely heavily on their senses of smell and hearing.  They also lack teeth which means they have trouble chewing :(.

Pangolins are hunted for their scales and some are used for medicine. Though some pangolins are protected, they have also suffered from illegal trafficking due to superstitious beliefs in East Asia.

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