THE MONKEY “KING” #theyrmycuz


James Monkey

Digital Illustration by: James Martin

It’s Story Time! ( Fun Joke )

When a young monkey and young human become a friends:

** Young Monkey= YM Young Human=YH ( Apparently they both can speak Human language and monkey language HAHA )

YH** Ou Ou Ah Ah ahooo ou  *cough * cough

YM ** The heck bro?

YH** What? I am trying to sound like you!

YM** You sound like you are going to die

YH** Yea! Aren’t you gonna die? Because that what I heard most of the time from you. Oh wait, I am sorry because you don’t even have a life to die. Ooops!

YM** –   –  I hate you

YH** HAHAHA I am sorry man. I am just kidding!

YM** Just go away!

Monkeys are awesome and cool. They are really smart and they could even trick you. As Charles Darwin said in his theory of evolution, we did not evolve from apes but we evolved from the same common ancestor. So you could say we are cousins.

Whenever I go near them, I can feel the bond between us. There are many types and species of monkey. There are: Bonnet macaque, Goeldi’s marmoset, Common squirrel monkey, crab eating macaque and the Japanese macaque, to name a few.

In religion and popular culture, monkeys are a symbol of playfulness, mischief and fun. They are so playful but cute at the same time. Some people have them as pets. The reason I like monkeys is because I was born in the monkey year of Chinese tradition. Just to let you know, yes I am Chinese too. I have Chinese blood because my great Grandfather came from China. Anyway. let’s get back on track.

Monkeys are also known to be an animal to test on in experiments. They were used in  space missions. Albert II was the first monkey to be in space. They were used in agriculture too.

There is also a famous Chinese monkey in the mythology of China named Sun Wukong, The Monkey King. It is about the story of a priest Wukong and his journey to the west. There is a movie series about it and it was one of my favorite childhood series. I love Wukong ‘s weapon, the golden stick. It is so powerful that he always had it with him.

Well monkey have adapted to survive while playing and having fun!

Monkeys are a good example for life. I don’t know about you guys, but for me it is important. Monkeys show us how to live your life happily. Have fun while there is time for you! Don’t miss your chance! Be like the monkeys!


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