About Myself

My name is Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thant. My teachers and friends called me Phyu Phyu.

I was born in Yangon and my zodiac sign is Scorpio. I arrived to Thalun International school on the last day of second trimester. I have met many kind people at Thalun school.

I like to sleep, eat, go shopping, watch movies and chat with my friends in my free time. And I love to play with kids too. But it can be a little bit tiring.


I like to play badminton

I like to create things


I hate spicy foods

I hate to explain


My previous school was in San Francisco, named FRANCISCO.

I met many different kinds of people at there. And I’ve got many different kinds of friends,too. But they all are kind. Most of them are from Asia. After that school, I arrived at THALUN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.


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