Lion is the Strongest Animal Ever

Roarrrrr! Roarrrrrrrr! Roarrrrrr! Roarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
I am a Lion.


I am the strongest wild animal in the Savanna. I eat meat and dislike vegetables.

My friends eat large animals that they catch while hunting. Human beings are scared of me a lot because I am a very scary animal. Don’t try me. Ha ha!

My enemies are zebras, cheetahs,  and leopards.  I am the worst animal; I know myself.  I am a hungry predator that has a sharp eye for my prey.

I am supposed to be nocturnal but I am not. I cannot speak any languages but I can Roarrrrrrrrr!  I can also run very fast. Each day I sleep for 18-20 hours a day, but don’t try me. I’m always alert!


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