Good Night. Don’t Let The Cats Bite


The title sucks, I know. Just don’t judge it because I hate thinking up titles.

I’m going to be explaining how sly a cat can get. The “felis catus”(weird scientific name for cat)’s mysteries will be unlocked if you continue reading this blog.

A cat’s life can either be excruciatingly painful or it can be extremely luxurious. Some cats may live like kings or queens while some may live like they got flushed down a broken toilet.

Cats are very popular as house pets and are treated nicely and they live a good life while others are unwanted and are thrown and tossed around the busy streets of a city. These cats have to thrive on their own and find their own way of survival. They have to wing it (or paw it) when they have a chance to find food. Sometimes, they have to eat from trash cans and steal food occasionally.  Some desperate cats will sometimes fight for food.

But hold on, I don’t want to just talk about the boring ordinary primitive street cats.[“Roooow” Oh shut up! You know how boring you cats are]. Excuse me, that was the cat. Now where was I? Oh yes, the interesting cats.

ROOOOOOOAR! Hear that? You just heard the rage of the mighty big cats, not the fat, lazy small cats that live in your house. Actually, you may already know it, but lions, tigers,cheetahs and leopards are the big cats. They are part of the cat family and can rip flesh apart with their fangs as if it were made of jelly.

The small domesticated cats fighting for food is nothing. They would be merely playing compared to the wrath of the big cats a.k.a the lions, tigers, and cheetahs. Their natural habitats can range from the open savannas to jungles and forests. These large felines can also kill you and you won’t even have time to tell your friends and family goodbye before you become the cats’ breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Either way, these cats can be bad for your health.

Wait a minute. I see something in the distance…. A tiger… it’s COMING FOR ME! I’M GONNA DIE!!!!!!




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