Just Me . . .


Hi. I’m JuliaSuSanYarTun and I go by both names; Julia and Susan. However, I prefer ‘Julia’.

I’m 14, and my birthday is the 2nd of December 2003 (Sagittarius ). I like December more than any other month and I don’t know if it’s  because of my birthday, but I’m glad for having December as my birth month. Though we don’t have snow in Myanmar, December is a winter month and I love cold weather. Maybe it’s because I can’t really experience real cold weather. I also think ‘December’ is a sweet name and I wish it was my name.

I transferred to Thalun International School ( TIS ) on February 27 and so far I enjoy it here. Everyone here is kind and cooperative.

I love ….

  • God
  • my family
  • my friends
  • drawing/painting
  • reading (especially fantasy, horror, …maybe anything that is fictional)
  • galaxies and stars
  • the colors pink, light blue, and maroon
  • cats and kittens
  • sparkles and glitters
  • the beach… the cool wind, the beautiful seashells, the warm sunshine, and the sound of the waves

I hate ….

  • egg
  • eggplant
  • pumpkin
  • losing people who love me and whom I love
  • very small, tight spaces
  • detailed pictures of insects

I’m Burmese and Rakhine and I was born in Yangon. I’m from a Buddhist background but I believe in God. I was saved when a preacher named Nathan came to my previous school. He had a really loud voice, perfect for public speaking, and a heart so full of love. So, on that day after hearing his preaching I decided to change my religion. My parents do not know about this, but my sister does. I can’t go to church on Sundays nor can I read the Bible everyday, but I can learn more about God from my Christian friends.

I like drawing since the time I… started school, I guess. I had an art teacher in my previous school and I learned to paint watercolor with him during my 5th I summer but sadly he passed away that year :'(. So, I couldn’t continue my lessons but I  keep drawing or doing watercolors in my free time.

I don’t do much sport because I’m not good in that area and also because I don’t like getting tired and feeling worn out.

I have a bad habit of worrying too much and overthinking. I know doing those things will not help me solve any of my problems or get me any answers. Sometimes I overthink tiny problems and make them seem larger in my mind. But I am trying my best to not be overcome by  scary thoughts  and I believe that I can succeed if I try hard enough.


My favourite quote is :

                          has two meanings -
                      Forget Everything And Run 
                      Face Everything And Rise

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