Oh Deer!

Are you into wildlife? Because I’m quite fawn of you, my deer. Would you mind reading this deer-ly written blog post about a deer?  I’m sure you’ll have fawn.

AHAHAHAHA That was so bad, I can’t even. But hey, at least I caught your attention.

Today’s blog post will be about the golden deer. More specifically, its scientific name is Rucervus Eldii. The golden deer is a rare species of deer found in Myanmar, mostly in the Shwesettaw and Chatthin wildlife sanctuaries. I’m pretty sure most people don’t care about deer because they are just there, eating plants and minding their own businesses. But it wasn’t long ago that the forestry organization noticed the number of deer decreasing rapidly.

oh deer mary

Digital Illustration by Mary Lin

The deer, which live in groups, were being over-hunted by deer hunters. Because of their gold-colored hair, deer hunters can get up to $800 for one deer. Oh deer! Isn’t anyone going to do anything about this? Just like you’ve all seen in the famous story of Bambi, what if a pitiful fawn loses its mother, just because of the ruthless hunters killing the innocent deer as much as they want?

Fortunately, the forestry organization of Myanmar took action before it was too late. Within 22 days, the people of the forestry organization surveyed the data of the deer in the Shwesettaw Sanctuary. They found snares, which were traps to catch the deer. According to Myanmar Digitial News, they were removed and animal poachers were charged with necessary penalties.

Since then, the number of the golden deer have almost doubled in a decade. Now we all know that young Bambi-s won’t be left behind anymore. (✿◠‿◠)

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