The Life of a Slum Dog


Digital Illustration by Swe Yee Wint

I am a street dog who loves to play around in the streets. Both of my parents died because of car accidents. I don’t know where my siblings are. I hope they are having a good time and have found owners.

I am a lonely street dog. Now I am used to it.

I have lots of trouble finding food for myself. I miss my parents and I miss the fun we had.

I miss the times when we all found food together and especially the times when we played together. Whenever I am bored or start trying to find food my tears came out.

Whenever I go near to humans to ask for food, they throw the rocks or hit me with a stick. Day by day I am getting thinner and thinner. Most of the time, I am starving and feel thirsty.

Sometimes I wish I could find a kind owner and I want someone to love me with their warm heart. When I was with my parents my heart was full of love. I start to cry whenever I think of my parents.

I can’t do anything besides just crying. My life is woeful and meaningless and I have nowhere else to go. My life is insecure mostly in the day time. At night time I also have some difficulties finding places to sleep. My bed is sometimes in a pile of garbage and sometimes at the old and haunted places, even sometimes cemeteries.

I often worry about my life. I always think “will my life end this way?”

I am tired when I think of my life.

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