The Very Common, Very Annoying… CROW! (*It sounded better in my head)

It’s known for its intelligence and adaptability, its ability to destroy perfectly good crops and of course their loud annoying “CAW.” The crow is the complete opposite of being endangered. It is really REALLY common where I live and can be found pretty much anywhere in Yangon.

Some facts about crows: (Don’t worry, its not that much…)

  • They eat nearly EVERYTHING
  • They are intelligent and adapt to their surroundings fast. There are about 40 species of crow according to PBS.
  • They are usually black

There are many different sizes and weights of crows. Their sizes vary from 17.5 in. to 19 in. Their weights vary from 12 ounces to 57 ounces.

This is it for now.




Digital Illustration by Shin Thant Htin Lin

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