Rabbits Are Cute. Who Doesn’t Like Cute Stuff?


Digital Illustration by Hailey Kim Hyang Gi

Rabbits are small mammals who have been loved for ages. They’ve been around since the stone age until now and have interacted a lot with people.

Rabbits are included in the family Leporidae of the older Lagomorpha. Male rabbits are called bucks; females are called does; older rabbits are called coney;  and young rabbits are called bunnies. There are also different species of the rabbit: Pygym rabbit, Sumantran Striped rabbit, European rabbit, Amami rabbit, Brush rabbit, and so on.

Many people are confused by the differences between rabbits and hares. Hares are born relatively mature and mobile with good hair and good vision, while rabbits are born hairless and blind, requiring closer care.

Hares live a relatively solitary life in a simplest nest above the ground, while most rabbits live in social groups underground in burrows or warrens. As for their physical differences, hares are generally larger than rabbits, with ears that are more elongated and with hind legs that are larger and longer.

The rabbit is a small creature but it has a large presence.

Human beings are responsible to take care of and cooperate with animals to make a better world.


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