Horn Bills

If you don’t know what a horn bill is, here’s a picture. I have to warn you, I’m not a expert on horn bills. I have only seen them once. And I did not choose this animal. It wasn’t an option.

Horn bills are basically big birds found in tropical Asia and Africa. Males are usually bigger than the females. The plumage of horn bills is typically black, grey, white, or brown. This one I found on the internet was orange.

Horn bills generally travel in pairs or small family groups. They consume fruits, insects and small animals. As I said earlier, I’m not an expert. And let me bore you a little more…

Horn bills normally form pairs, although some engage in cooperative breeding. The female lays up to six eggs. The cavities are usually natural, but some species may nest in the abandoned nests of woodpeckers. Have I bored you enough?

OK I’ll stop. But remember horn bills aren’t as boring as you think!



Digital Illustration by Charming Khin Phone Kyaw

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