What We Are Up To (In ICT Class)

Hey there. Just checking in.

Thalun secondary students (grades 6-10) have been taking Information & Communication Technology classes since November 2017.

We’re now well into the 3rd trimester and everyone has just finished up their digital illustrations (made in class using the free imaging program Gimp) and second blog posts detailing animals studied during last trimester’s Week Without Walls.


The Illustration Project (1)

Illustrations by (clockwise): Jessica Glass (Grade 6), Charming Khin Phone Kyaw (Grade 6), Tony Aung Khant Htin Lin (Grade 7), Angeline Myat Phone Sint (Grade 8), Wine Pyae Pyae Phyo (Grade 7), and Swe Yee Wint (Grade 7)


For the past few months we have been focusing on basics like using email as well as  Google Apps like Groups, Slides, Docs, Drive, Sheets, and Forms. Students also learned about online safety as well as how to blog. You can see more of their illustrations as well as read their bios at https://thalun.blog


last final layer white ele

Digital illustration by Thora Thandar Aung -Grade 7


We’ve also covered image editing, color psychology, and now are moving into animation. Here’s a preview of what the secondary students are now working on: Digital Vision Boards.


Animation by Sabrina Kyi Myat Noe Khin -Grade 9.


Animation by Anne Marie Cornelius -Grade 9.


Meanwhile, starting in February, the older elementary students (grades 3-5) began ICT and Design classes as well. They are currently learning email basics, Google Apps, Online Safety, Blog Writing, and Digital Imaging.

Please stop by this way again to see what everyone is up to or come visit the Computer Lab if you are visiting Thalun in person. We’d love to meet up with you. You can also follow along with us week by week at our class web page.



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The Illustration Project

Digital illustrations by (clockwise): Myat Thiri Htet (Grade 8), Jonathan Tayza Shwe (Grade 10), Hikari Tsuneyoshi (Grade 8), and Neil Htet Naing Shwe (Grade 6)

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