Woof Wolves

Welcome to my second blog post guys! Allow me to tell you a few facts about wolves.

OTP: “I’ve been running with the wolves to get to you.” ;P (I don’t know what was that but I thought it will be cool to add this in…) Anyway back to the topic.

Wolves are considered to be the ancestors of domestic dogs. They are large animals weighing 60-120 pounds and they live about 6-10 years in the wild. Wolves are good hunters. They use their sharp sense of smell and their excellent hearing to help them find their prey. Wolves eat small animals like rabbits, raccoons, mice and large animals like deer.

A baby wolf is called a cub and a group of wolves is called a pack. The male leader of the pack is called an alpha male and its mate is called an alpha female.

Thank you guys for spending your time reading this blog post. 😀



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