Meet Grade 5: Introductions


Hey! My name is Priscilla and I love to take pictures of animals like my dog. I also like to edit pictures. I love drinking my favorite drinks and I love dogs!  I want to learn how to use Photoshop or how to do a fan sign. A fan sign is way of drawing digitally. I also love to use my phone.

Hanging out with my best friends, siblings or cousins are also one of the things I love to do. I was born on August 31st 2007 and my favorite color is blue for now.



The reason I chose this picture is because I like to use my phone and laptop while photographing/editing. And also to drink a really good drink I like. I also like to write and scribble things while doing those things too. The bed looks cozy there too and who doesn’t love to snuggle up in a cozy bed?


Hi everyone. My name is Hnin. My favorite color is green because I feel like its natural and seeing that color makes me very calm. I am the kind of person that doesn’t care what other people think, like when people says to me “What are you wearing today? That is sooo ugly!” I feel like I don’t even care. Well, if you are reading this paragraph you might think that I am not like that. But this is my paragraph not yours sooo……… yeah!


I chose this because snow means Hnin in Myanmar. 😀



My name is Christian and I like to watch Youtube and Play ROBLOX and sleep. I like to sleep because I like dreaming. My favorite type of food is chicken and my favorite drink is Coca Cola. I can drink a gallon of that stuff.


Technology is my best friend



My name is Sai. I am from Shan State which is located in Myanmar. My favorite things to do are playing athletic games such as kickball, etc. My biggest strength is physical education. I really like to eat bananas. Know dat. I want to learn how to type faster. It would be really helpful.


A small picture of a bold horse in the shadow.



Hellooo! Call me Zoey ; ). Zoey is very, very bad at introductions so prepare for complete awkwardness.

Alrighty then… once you first meet me, I’ll be super shy but(t) that’s just who I am. Give yourself a pat on the back once you become one of the people I trust. That will take a minimum of 1 year, but it really depends on the person you are. Since this is about me, I’ll talk about me.

People say that I’m kind, and I believe them ; ) Bad qualities ‘bout meh: SUPER shy, SUPER emotional, SUPER quiet (if I just met ya). Good qualities: Kind I guess… funny I guess… and I give up stuff for other people. Oh wait… that’s also being kind. I love to write a bunch and I can poop. (Angela: Bravo, u can POOP.)

I make dumb jokes like that ; )


Wow, I’m so beautiful… even as a turtle ; )))

I chose this beautiful picture of a turtle because it describes me as a person. I’m shy and quiet and I can’t quite get out of my shell… yet. My four turtles that were my pets were red-eared, just like this turtle in the picture. It means I should cherish those moments with them. The background represents my personality. I’m all over the place. The colors are my emotions and I like bright colors that stand out ; ). The rock the turtle is touching represent the people who love me: family, my wonderful classmates, my homeroom teacher, etc. and I’m touching them to give them a sign that I love them back.



Hey people, I’m Kate. I just changed from ALBA to Thalun. Just like Zoey but she did that two years ago. I have a brother here too but, shhhh. He doesn’t really like to be known so don’t tell him about this! Anyway, I love to eat Shan noodles. I always eat them every Sunday on Shan noodle night. Anyway, I am friendly so be friends with me and we’ll be friends! And that’s that that… Bye! Enjoy life!


This is my hostel. Not a big deal if you don’t know it. I don’t really care. You can come to my hostel on Sunday nights and come and eat Shan noodles for 1500 kyats only. You’re not going to get a discount anyway because it is already cheap. Maybe I’ll think about it since you are from Thalun.



Hello guys. I am going to introduce myself.

My name is Angela and my close friends call me “dude” or “Jellal.” My favorite animals are cats and dogs and I like them because they are cute and fluffy. I like to draw, play, play the violin and piano. My favorite colors are red and black. I like red because it’s the color of roses and blood. I like black because it’s very dark and it reminds me of the starry night sky.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.46.07 AM

This is so CUTE

I chose this cat because cats are kind of lazy and they are always telling others what to do… just like me. I have to admit that I am sassy, bossy and stubborn and so are cats. BUT cats are playful, brave (not me that much) goofy, and love the ones they are close to. ≧◡≦

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