6th Grade Goal Animations

In ICT class we are learning animation, design, and visual communication. Recently each student created a “Goals Animation” using the free online animation software Powtoon.

Here are the results of our first experiment. Click on each student’s name to also see their biography.


Hi ! Today I’m going to show you my goals and dreams.

All people have goals and dreams. We all are making our dreams come true. We all might have been wild and crazy when we were younger but now is the time to make our dreams come true.

I hope you enjoy!



This PowToon video is about a Burmese boy and what he wants to be in the future. If you think you will enjoy, please view. But if you think you won’t like it please view also, because it might change your mind.




This is a PowToon I created for my God-like dreams, which… can happen. It is about what I want to happen to me.




This video is about my goals and what I will try and do. So yeah… I hope you enjoy. Also I hope all of these goals happen in the next 2 years.




I have always had flaws in my life that I want to fix. This is a video about the flaws I need to improve. These are goals I have been aiming for. These are things i have been trying to fix. Here it is.




This is my PowToon and I made this to make people know that I’m trying to be a better person. So please see the video to see how hard I am trying to be better. If I have to be honest, I will definitely say that I am not always the best at changing my ways. Making mistakes are much easier than doing the right thing so please watch and if you want, give me some more advice to help me improve.


Wai Yan

Everyone has goals. But sometimes goals can be pretty similar. Such as make money or go to a good collage and stuff.  Mine are those super generic ones with lots of the same goals almost everyone has. But your goals are always there for you. In time, you’ll have to follow them to live a successful and happy life. So no. Having generic goals is not a bad thing. It’s not only just human nature but all living things want to live the best lives possible. And all of our goals can be similar. So enjoy my presentation.



Uhhhhhhh… this is exactly what you think it is. A video/presentation thing about my future “goals.” Everyone did this. So did I. It isn’t too different from the others. Hope you like it. 😂



This short animation is about a boy who has been trying to reach his goals for over 12 years. JK! He has been trying to reach those goals since 2018 started. And these are his goals for this year. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this video.



Thoon Thoon

Life is not all about cupcakes and candies. Its about adventures, goals, dreams, winning and losing. My video is in the middle…. just like my life. Hopefully, you’ll like my video. Enjoy!



I am very adventurous and love to explore new things and new places. I hope this video is okay… and I also hope you enjoy! I love traveling and love animals. This video is going to be about my goals. I have a couple of goals and things I want to do and things I want to be good at. I also want to go to many places! Hope you enjoy!



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