A Course in Bending Reality -Stop Motion Mania!

Thalun ICT students in grades 6-10 have been playing with reality by learning how to make toys and favorite video game characters come to life, turn their friends into powerful magicians,  send rockets into outer space, create mysterious self-solving puzzles, and invent pizza that gobbles itself up. (Clean-up still required!)


Opaque by Jonathan Tayza Shwe -Grade 10


Though the end-of-the-trimester fairy is about to come and hit pause on another school year, students have been busy making props, characters, and sets for their own stop motion animated films in ICT class.




Grades 6 and 7 before, during, and after making their films


Since we only had a few sessions to go over the basics, techniques, tools, and software, we adopted a “Silicon Valley” mindset of playful experimentation, win or lose.

Whether the final outcome was glorious, a failure, or a glorious failure, what was most important in this project was that students had fun, built their creativity muscles, left their comfort zones, and dabbled with imagery, sound, video editing, and computer software.

Have a look at more experiments. And let us know what you think in the comments.


Mad Dancer by John Wai Yan Lin -Grade 10



All I Want by Mary Yun Su Lin -Grade 10



Under the Cherry Blossoms by Anne Marie Cornelius and Sabrina Kyi Myat Noe Khin



Play Game With Stop Motion by Hailey Hyang Gi Kim -Grade 10



Pizza! Pizza Oh! Pizza! by Thoon Myat Naing and Jessica Glass -Grade 6


Hi-Five by Hikari Tsuneyoshi



Stop Motion MC and Lego by AKK, Daniel Kingston, and Ricky -Grade 8



Sky by Angeline Myat Phone Sint -Grade 8



Block Project by James Khant Khant Khine Kyaw and Andrew Nanda Htoo -Grade 8



Studying by Myat Hhiri Htet -Grade 8



Space by Neal Htet Naung Shwe and Wai Yan Win Aung -Grade 6



Lay Back by OK Oattra Kyaw -Grade 6



The lost Inventerator- A Minecraft stop motion animation by Augustin Aung Min Khant, John Kaung Myat Htut, and Matthew Myint Mo Htoo -Grade 6


More trickling in soon… 🙂



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