New School, New Year but Not too WEIRD

Thanks to Jonathan, everything ain’t so horrible.

Friends are cheerful and awesome.

Enjoying the classes and different accents but I’ll have to adapt new eating habits here.

Hello everyone. I’m Edward. It’s nice to meet you all. I have just transferred from M.L.A International School and so far everything has being going well.  I am enthusiastic to meet new friends and teachers. You can ask me anything when it comes to Mathematics. I’ll try my best to explain but I’m not the best.

The HAWK will be representing me as I am determined to fly so high with support from TIS and bring along others too.

I am interested in certain things like –

  • Researching
  • Sports
  • Music (Varieties of Genres)
  • Mathematics
  • Digital Art
  • Photography

We’ll have a great time together and my sense of humor will make sure none of you get bored.

The quote that I’d like to present on my arrival to TIS is

“Teamwork makes Dream work.”


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