A Surprisingly Satisfying Summer

Allow me to make an indisputable statement: The summer of 2018 did not last two months.

Any decently educated person can see that the time span lasting from June to August is, more or less, two months.

I’d simply have to disagree with that.

Of course, the earth has made over 60 complete spins ever since school ended, but my mind fails to perceive that. It doesn’t feel like two months have passed since school ended and it certainly doesn’t feel like I have made heartfelt farewells that long ago. However, throughout the time of what felt like a hummingbird’s wing flap, I have gained  tremendous amounts of experience as well as knowledge of this arduous world we live in. What could I, a sixteen-year-old going about his seemingly normal life, have possibly witnessed within two months?

First of all, I’ve heightened my mental fortitude. Having year-end exams and a talent show to organize placed me under a lot of stress; the kind of stress that makes you lose 5 pounds within just a few weeks! My father, who was sincerely worried for my health  and – most likely – envious of my weight loss, decided to sign me up at a local gym. Surprisingly, the first day went pretty well; I couldn’t lift my arms for the rest of the day. Yet, stopping there would clearly be unhelpful. Thus I endured the physical trauma, followed my diet plan, and motivated myself to hit the gym regularly which, in turn, rewarded me with gaining back the 5 pounds I lost! It made me realize the importance of commitment in anything you strive to achieve.

Not only have I learned about the importance of consistent willpower, but also about responsibility. For my sixteenth birthday, I received a variety of heartwarming gifts; the most unexpected one was given by my father. According to him, being sixteen marks the transition from an adolescent to a young man. I listened carefully as he laid out the new set of rules I had to follow. In essence, I was given much more personal freedom than before, but will now be responsible for every decision derived from that freedom. As a result, I pay for my class fees and drive to places. Little did I know that I would be making precise calculations of my own finances and be driving safely and responsibly. Luckily, I have not yet made any collisions and that’s not to say that I haven’t come millimeters close to making one!

Countless valuable lessons were given, taught, and learned throughout two months. Needless to say, I have grown in countless ways as well. The start of a new school year is the start of a new journey, one that’s filled with new friends, new challenges, and new opportunities. Applying the things I’ve learned throughout the summer will hopefully aid me on this voyage by making it an enjoyable year. I’m ready for you, Junior year!



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