Aim Big for the Summer



Summer Holidays… everyone has an enthusiastic attitude toward this special time. And while the holiday period is the best moment for most of the students, for high school students in particular, the holiday doesn’t hide the fact that school courses continue to become more challenging and difficult.

In this case, students should prepared for the upcoming school curriculum during the summer holiday. Therfore, I would like to introduce my experience with the ultimate summer holiday I had.

My name is Daniel Kingston, a typical student in Thalun International School. As for the new  students, I warmly welcome you to this new school. I hope you will easily adapt to the new environment, and meet new friends.

OK then… introduction completed. Let’s move to the main text.

My summer holiday was pretty decent and uneventful. Most of my activities were about studying and personal training. But isn’t the summer holiday supposed to be relaxing?No, not really. The main reason is that I was becoming high school age and I had to focus on studying and learning.

First of all, Math-Geometry. To be honest, my mathematics is average. Therefore, I spent my holiday doing geometry in order to get well prepared for the upcoming course.

Subsequently, I also worked on enlarging my vocabulary. This is one of the best methods to improve my English. However, over the past two months, I had to memorize 80 words per day (thanks to my memorizing skills). By the end of the holiday, I had stored 2000+ words in my brain.

Finally, personal training. I wouldn’t sit all day studying every day. I need to train my body for fitness too. I registered for a Kung Fu course in China, but it did not go as well as I expected.

However, China is not really a good place to learn seriously.

Thanks for reading my article.

I highly encourage you to plan a study strategy for the upcoming holiday….



One thought on “Aim Big for the Summer

  1. Wow Daniel! You are so inspiring and motivated. Keep up the great work. Remember though that you will be at your best if you also give yourself a chance to rest a little too between all that studying. Don’t let your battery go empty.


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