Bummer. End of Summer🌞

“We don’t wanna go back.” – LAB Thalun team

Hey! It’s Anne again.

Recently, we just had our summer break and, I’m not gonna lie, it was one of the best summer breaks that I’ve ever had. We were working on our projects for the program called Learning Across Borders. We had to present our projects in Hanoi, Vietnam and got to also tour around the city. We all worked really hard so we didn’t really get to rest during our summer holidays, but it was worth it.

A week was certainly not enough for us and we really wanted to stay longer. We were meeting new friends, getting to experience new things, learning, and just having fun for the whole week. I can confidently say that the memories we made, during the eight days in Vietnam, will always be kept in our hearts.


Summer went by so fast! It’s a bummer, but I am delighted to be back and to start a brand new school year. Hopefully, I can meet the friends that I met during the Vietnam trip again in the future.

Have a wonderful school year everyone!

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