Hey people! My name is John Kaung Myat Htut and this is my second blog post. As you know, I am from Yangon, Myanmar. I attend Thalun International School and I am in Grade 7.

I am exactly five feet tall. My birthday is June 10, 2006. I love Fnaf, animals, and animal T.V shows. I also like playing video games on my Android phone. My favorite game is Mobile Legends. It is really fun.  I have a MI MAX, which is a pretty good phone. I also have a YouTube channel, that I share with Wai Yan. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

My Quote


I also have some things that I DON’T like. For example, fire, ants, and mosquitoes. Those are just a few, but let’s get to the good stuff. I consider myself good at drawing. I can also stand being teased, but I have A LOT of weaknesses. I’m not gonna tell you.

So let’s move on to food. My favorite restaurant is, you guessed it KFC. I like mangoes, cookies, ice cream, and cooked chicken. So that is all about, me.


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