Going TO VIETNAM with school FRIENDS

Hey I am Matthew and I am going to tell you all I can about myself.

I have two siblings, Kristy from Grade 4 and Andrew from Grade 9. My parents are from Myanmar. So I was born and raised in Myanmar, also known as Burma. My dad is Patrick and my mom is Sophie. I am one of the many Christians in Myanmar so is my entire family.

As you may not know, I love to play sports and learn new things in life. I go to Thalun International School and I am currently in the 7th grade. I play the following sports: sailing, football, basketball, and karate. I used to go to Yangon Academy but I changed to Thalun. I have been to Vietnam two times now, once for a sailing competition and another for a school competition. Unfortunately I didn’t win any awards. 😅 Heh heh, well I will hopefully win next time 😏.

I have only been to two other countries, Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. Singapore around 3-4 times and Bangkok… I went to Bangkok because, well you see I didn’t actually go. It was a transit before going to Vietnam. 😂. I went to Singapore to visit my uncle there and my cousin Angelina.

I have done one socially helpful thing (so far). Which is TRASSHHHH HERROOOO! It was really fun. But at first it was a pain in the back. I did Trash Hero with my sailing friends at Ngwe Saung and Yangon. 😎


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