Just Some Weirdo From Thalun


I’m very proud of the people I’m working with right now. ❤

As you just read, I’m from Thalun International School and my name is Charming. I’m from the 7th grade and I just happen to be a sister. I have a younger brother and six cousins who also happen to be boys.

Honestly, I feel important with the seven because they care a lot about me and all of them (almost all) are there for me whenever I need it.

Anyway, over the summer I traveled to Vietnam with the school and participated in the LAB Program. I made a lot of friends with students from other countries as well as the volunteers. I brought back home a lot of experiences and shared them with my family.

I turned 12 a week ago on the last day July and had a blast on that day. I celebrated my birthday at a restaurant and hung around with my friends.


I happen to be super obsessed with hoodies and big oversized clothing. I seem to have a lot of black shirts and jackets since black is my favorite color.

Ever since I came back from the Vietnam trip, I’ve always wanted to go back. The volunteers from the program were so nice and they were like family to me. More than family… And I just had the urge to try harder in competing here so that I will earn the trip again. So basically I learnt that you have to try hard to reach your goals.

I want to improve on my guitar picking and strumming. I also want to improve my singing so I can do both together. I enjoy singing better than guitar but I do not think I am good at it.

WELL I said everything I could think of about myself. So.. ALSO BEWARE I AM VERY VERY VERY CLUMSY! Just a little warning. I still haven’t decided what to be and work for when I grow older but I’m working on it. LOL. This is basically all I want to say about myself since I can’t think of anything else. BYE!


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