To Sum It All Up

“I know my value.  Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.”

– Agent Carter, S1, E8

Hi! I’m Anjela, and I’m 15. I was born in New Jersey, USA on the 9th of February. I’m Filipino-American, and I have my mom, my twin sister, 7 aunts, 2 uncles, and my grandparents. Yes, I have a big family. I’ve also traveled a lot and I’ve been to places such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, and the US. I’ve lived in Myanmar for about 8 years… however, I have yet to learn the language. I know how to speak in Tagalog and bits of Russian, French, and ASL.


this is me

In addition to traveling a lot, I’ve also moved to many schools. My previous school was Yangon Academy, then before that was ISY, YIS, MIS, and then it was in a different country. I’ve grown to love travelling and look forward each time I have to leave the country. I aim to travel the world some time.

As a person, I have a weird sense of humor and often self-deprecate myself. I like to make jokes that no one understands sometimes and I bring down my self confidence. But you know, Gen Z-ers *insert sarcastic eye-roll*.

I like to read and write. I often write poetry regarding my life experiences or something that I’ve read online. I have a blog that I should probably update, I like reading the news on things that happen regarding the LGBTQ+ group, women’s rights, and school shootings because I believe that a person should  always be aware of what is happening in the world and that they should always have their own opinion.

One of my many wishes is to attend a march, whether it’s a Pride march or a Women’s  march. I also want to attend a concert, specifically a Taylor Swift one. Another thing I want to do is to backpack across Canada or Europe.

My favorite singer is Taylor Swift and I like to read books such as Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, Shakespearean plays, Love, Simon, and The Sun is also a Star. I watch shows such as Once Upon a Time, Agents of Shield, Steven Universe, and Agent Carter (hence the quote). I love to ice skate, swim, and do gymnastics.

So that basically sums it all up. If you see me around the school, I’ll probably be very awkward, because, well… that sums me up in one word.

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