My Summer!

gray fish

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This was one of THE best summers and it was so much fun. I went to South Africa and went to see my grandparents… and my cat… and my cousins.

We planned to go to Hole-in-the-wall for the weekend just after we spent a week in South Africa (-just in case you don’t know what Hole-in-the-wall is, it is near the water and on the beach). Hole-in-the-wall has a long wide stream of water where we can swim, and when we were there, I did not really swim but rather I ate some of the picnic food. It was great! (I don’t want to tell what it was or you’ll be hungry.)

Finally we got to the place where we were staying. We were going to meet my second cousins. The house had an entry gate to the beach, so we could go straight out to swim… but it was cold!

My second cousin’s dad caught a few fish from the rock pools for their tank. We also roasted marshmallows on a fire. A lot more happened but I want to tell what happened during other parts of the holiday.

The drive to there was about six hours. It was exhausting! We got back and took a break. I played with my cousins and it was fun.

After another week we waited, played, slept, ate, and went out, etc. A week later we were headed to Drakensberg  that also took about 5-6 hours of driving. And we saw frost on the side of the road! It was probably about 7-8 degrees.

We were just going to drop the stuff off at the house we were staying at and head to one of the Lesotho borders so my cousins and brother and I could see snow. -And we did… but after we passed sani pass, it was a really rough road with a lot of construction. While we were going up the hill we saw a car that was kind-of perched on the side of the hill. I don’t know what happened but no-one was hurt and the car looked fine. Well there probably was a lot of ice when this happened.

Anyway, we reached the top and kept on going for a bit and then we turned left and got to a place which there was not too much of a road but there was snow.  We got out of the car. I had no gloves so I was helping build a snow-man with bare hands. And then all my family members (well some) laid back in the snow and made snow angels! Cold! Well it was worth it! We drove back to the place we were staying at for three days. We had Hot chocolate, Rusks, Fruit, Soup, and we roasted marshmallows over a fire again.

Just a few days after, my cousins left to Zambia and a few days before we left, we went to the Ushaka. It’s an aquarium that was named after King Shaka and it also has a water park. Yay! It was so fun! I went on all slides. I think my favorites were the Black Mamba and the Doozy River.

My summer was really exciting and interesting to me, I hope it was interesting for you guys too.

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