5 Seconds of Summer (人◕ω◕)

Two months of summer barely lasted a day for me. I guess you could say I only had…       5 Seconds of Summer. Get it? Okay, never mind.

Hi, it’s another blog post from Mary. Yeah, it’s that fangirl again.

If I had to describe my holiday, I would say that this year’s summer break was the most boring and exciting holiday so far in my life. In my tiring sophomore year of being the Treasurer of Student Council, participating in community service, and trying to get a 5 in my first AP exam, it wasn’t easy! Well, I try. After a hectic year of trying, I desperately needed this break to finally find peace for the first time in a while.

Just like the Yin Yang, people say that life is a balancing act where there are always good things in the bad things and the bad things in the good things. A day in May was the best and worst day of my life. If you’ve read my blog posts, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Styles. It would be a dream come true to see him live in concert. But life wanted me to struggle more and therefore, made me take my AP Psychology exam and see Harry in Bangkok on the same dang day.

Long story short, I survived that day. (yay!) Not only did I make it to the concert on time, I also found out that I got a 5 on my exam in July. I’m actually proud of myself this time because I felt like my hard work finally paid off. Unlike my twin brother who studied the night before the test and got a 4, I studied a month earlier and I’m glad I did that. I’m also extremely thankful I had Mr.Steve as my teacher. (^∀^)

Well, the two months of summer were boring but I got to pay back my sleep debt that was long overdue. Sleeping for 10 hours a day was very … satisfying. For the first few weeks, Sabrina and Anne came to my house and I helped them with their Lab project as well as writing some songs with Sabri. We didn’t do “exciting” things because all we do is fangirl. And eat. lol

The last month went by pretty fast because all I did was binge-watch some anime movies with my brother and listen to 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) talking about their new album. (Yeah, that’s the title. They’re a band, by the way.) I also had to take grueling math classes for the SAT; I found out I did not like SAT math. At all. There were a few weeks where I suddenly felt like I didn’t have my life together because I didn’t know what major or which school I was going to after I graduate. I like to call it my usual existential crisis week.  

*insert nervous laughter*

yEaH, that’s about it. I don’t have many things to say because I’m boring. I’m a junior this year and I can’t say I’m entirely motivated for it. More AP’s and college admission tests are going to tackle me soon. So yeah, if you’re in middle school, just have fun while you can. Thanks for reading, though.



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