An Energetic Ongoing Summer

Isn’t a holiday best when it has all the elements of happiness and perfection? Well, of course it is. Just like making a tea with all the right ingredients, a summer will have a better taste if you do all the right things. 

I found myself in my bed, thinking about my first days of the holiday in my head. That’s where everything I do starts, where the process of thinking and analyzing happens. All the ideas and schemes come from the spark plug. Therefore, I found myself on holiday full of energy.

My holiday started like a typical everyday ordinary teenager’s. That is, until I started my activities… I did three main sports during my holidays: soccer, fishing and sailing. I started out with my soccer practices every morning at 6:30 a.m. It was pretty intense since I joined during a competition. I wasn’t in the top level squad, but I found myself playing together with them anyways.

But what is better than a day of relieving your stress by patiently catching fish without too much effort at Inya Lake? Fishing is one of the most  relaxing sports, yet the hardest to master. It takes precise skill and patience to catch one small fish and I learned that the hard way. It took me time to understand the concept of fishing with the help of some teachers there. Then I started doing it practically and then I started feeling it. I found out how to bait the fish, how to catch the fish, and where there would be a shoal of fish. I recommend for everyone to try this sport.

Then, as usual, I had a sailing race during the month of July. I had a series of races every weekend for two weeks. It was a sponsor race, which meant each team was sponsored by a brand. There were five sponsors in total, C.O.B, U.P.G, Enervon-C, Y.K.K.O, and the Toshiba. Our team, UPG, managed to get third place through all the challenges we faced.

But one of the most important things that happened to me was finding a quote that changed my life. It says that “The best preparation for tomorrow,  is doing your best today.” I learned that you don’t need to worry about tomorrow if you did your best today. Your future depends on what you do today.


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