“Home” is a special place for every individual. No matter how much time passed, or how far away you are, it always feels good when you are at your “Home.”

This summer, after finally finishing up my hectic 10th grade year, I decided to take a break from my daily life. Deciding on a vacation spot is always easy for me, because the only place I’ve missed and wished to go to was my home country, Korea.

The 12 hours of flight (consumed half of the time transferring through Vietnam) to Korea didn’t feel tiring at all! I was full of excitement and making all kinds of plans on how to spend the next two months in Korea without any regrets.

The flight arrived. Finally, it was a place where everyone speaks the same language as I do, where all the signs and flat pate on streets are understandable, and a place I feel I belonged to. I was at my “home”.

The next two months felt like two days. I registered to learn squash with my friends three times a week, went to church daily, and experienced many different things that are usually normal for many Koreans. For example, using a subway might be totally unexciting for others but it wasn’t for me. Visiting different places and meeting many people was enjoyable too.

Although all moments are valuable, some memories are kept more special than others. One of the best moments was when I received back my AP score. I felt like I was dreaming when I saw the number “5” written down next to my name. I finally could sleep well at night. Also, the camp that I attended at the end of July changed me a lot. It was a Christian camp, which taught me how wonderful God is and how sinful I am. But thanks to his amazing grace, he showed his love by sending his only son who was crucified to save me from the tragic end.

And now, I’m back to my daily routine again. But as every moment is precious in our lives, I’ll try my best to seek the happiness that I can find around me!



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