My Fun/Busy Vacation

Well, I hope this title doesn’t bore you by the word ‘Busy’ summer but If you would like to read more about “My Fun/Busy  Summer,” then go ahead and click read more!

    Hi! My name is Aung Khant Htin Lin but mostly known as Tony. I am 13 years old since I was born on the 10th of July on year 2005. I am the middle child of three brothers, and honestly sometimes it doesn’t feel good being the middle child. When your the middle child of two other crazy irresponsible brothers, its hard to be the odd one out. But lucky me, I have 6 more cousins I can also send time with instead! Well that’s enough about my family lets move on to why I named my title “Fun/Busy.”

Well the reason my title is named this way is because, you see I spent my entire summer focusing on LAB ( Learning Across Borders). Now, LAB is a time where students from all over the world come to one specific destination to compete for who has the best presentation of a topic that is related to the Natural Environment. 7 teams from our school travelled all the way to Hanoi, Vietnam to go compete. The trip was from the 18th of July to the 25th of July, and it was one fun week. The best part was that Day 3 and Day 4 were the only ones with work, and we were there for 8 days! Everyday was a fun day because I made tons of friends. I spent my time at LAB with my friends, Wine Wine, Warso, Shwe Yee, Thora, Neal, Mathew, Wai Yan, Shinn Thant (My brother), John 7th, Anne Marie, Sabrina, and Tina. For my mentors that followed me, Ms. Nora and Mr. Minn. We all had so much fun, and for your information Hikari Tsuneyoshi, a former student at Thalun who has now moved to Yangon Academy, was my partner, but she was unable to come to Vietnam. The LAB trip was probably one of my best trips as a school trip. There will be LAB again this year, so hope you join too. Please do!


-Taken by Tony

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