My Summer

My dad being a badminton player, of course he also wants me to play badminton! When I started playing, I was only 10 and like all other normal kids, I would run around the court and play. My coach had to call my name seven times just to make me stay in my training spot. As soon as I started playing, many people noticed that I had talent. And at that time, I had no goals or dreams. Until one day…

I saw a picture of some players standing in front the Myanmar flag. Then I noticed that all of them were wearing the same shirts that had the Myanmar flag on them as well as the word MYANMAR printed on the back. That night, I told my dad,”Dad, I want to wear the shirts they’re wearing. Can you buy one for me?”

He replied with a serious but calm voice, “The shirt only costs 3000 kyats. But once you are chosen to be one Burma’s selections, Myanmar will give you that shirt. Isn’t that a better kind of shirt to wear proudly? Only people that are representing Myanmar and playing in world wide games can wear that.”

From then on, the only thing that repeats in my head again and again is that I WANT TO WEAR THAT SHIRT (which is technically every players’ big dream), represent Myanmar, compete in world wide competitions and make my country proud.

My dad phoned me on the evening of 4th August 2018. He told me that I got an opportunity to make my dreams come true! The Asia Junior tournament is going to be held in Mandalay, Myanmar for one last time. On the 6th of august, the badminton federation group is selecting six players that are 15 years old or younger from the whole of Burma. It was really tough for a 13 year-old to be competing against the 15 year-olds but I fought for it. And I got chosen, making me Burma’s selection immediately!

The tears of joy ran down my eyes as soon as the game ended. I told myself  “Well done Lin. Now Myanmar will reward you. You’ll get something you wouldn’t exchange for anything else! The National Shirt!”






One thought on “My Summer

  1. Hey Lin! WOW! Congratulations. What a great story. Can you please add at least one photo? Also, consider making your title about you representing Myanmar. “My summer” is too generic for this post. 😉 Thanks!


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