The Unexceptional Summer of Terrence


June 6th was the last day of school of the previous school year, but I really enjoyed my summer. After school closed, I got to do some fun hings like Arts and Music. Also my family and I decided to go to Bangkok. We went to Bangkok for  week with TG Airlines. I was really surprised because I saw Mr.Sabo in Bangkok. He was at a McDonald’s. I don’t think he remembered me. LOL.

After a week, I returned to Yangon and I realized the school was reopening in a week. I really don’t know how the time passed so fast. Anyway, I feel both happy and sad. I feel happy to see my friends again, but also I feel sad for the end of “once a year Summer.” But, we did hang-outs during the week. It was really fun though.Well that’s how my summer went…

Bye! Thanks for your time for reading this. 😉

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