This Weird Kiddo

Hi. YES, you read that title right. I am a weirdo and if you’re a weirdo as well… Hi. This is a story or a post about my English language skills before and after attending Thalun International School.

My name is Baby, as you might already know. My real name is Su Myat Pan Lin Maung. I am a 7th grader that is going to turn 14 on December 14th. You might be wondering why am I in grade 7? Well, before I came to Thalun, I was from Brown Academy .It is a private school and it is also a Burmese school. Before Brown Academy I was from a government school called B.E.H.S ( 1 ) Dagon.

You might be thinking why can I speak English. Well you see, at Brown Academy there are teachers that kind of taught me English but I honestly learned how to speak English by myself. I still am thankful to my teachers from Brown. If I didn’t know them I wouldn’t really know how to read and write English properly like I do right now at Thalun. I use to be that kid in the class who stays quiet in the English classes. Now I can ask questions and catch up on what is happening in the class. Now I am improving my English at Thalun.

I was in the 5th grade when I first came to Thalun and my class teacher was Mr Jeff Erickson. I was in 6th grade in Brown when I came to Thalun. I didn’t really know what some of the simplest word meanings were like “selfish,” for example. I was pretty new to English stuff at that time.

After a few weeks I knew all of my classmates and some other students like Wah So from grade 8 and Sabrina from grade 10. Weeks and months passed and I began to know more about people in the school and more about English.

I was happy at Thalun. My school years were mostly happy rather than upsetting and sad. You know what people say, “Always stay Positive.* I improved my English over the years and I am still trying. Now at Thalun I am happy and am always motivated to do school work. This is just the start and thank you for reading.

Sincerely Baby from Grade 7

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